User Interface of LucaNet.Web Client

Last modified on 2023-10-30


LucaNet.Web Client is the user interface for end users and LucaNet administrators in the web view. This page contains information, both in text form and as a video, about the structure of the user interface and the most important elements.

Information About the User Interface as a Video

The video provides you with the most important information about the user interface:

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Structure of the User Interface

After logging in, LucaNet.Web Client is opened always in the application window, which is usually divided into the four main areas of overview, menu bar, tree view, and detail view.

The main areas of the 'Reporting and analyzing' workspace are displayed. User interface of the 'Reporting and analyzing' workspace
The main areas of the 'Dashboard' workspace are displayed. User interface of the 'Dashboard' workspace
The main areas of the 'Journals' workspace are displayed. User interface of the 'Journals' workspace

The following elements are available in the user interface: 



Menu bar

Provides information on the displayed workspace and contains the logout button


Contains the different workspaces in LucaNet.Web Client and is used to navigate between the workspaces and change the language of the user interface and data model

Dimension bar

Used to configure the dimensions to display values, widgets, or journals. The settings made and the chosen dimensions determine the display in the tree view. The dimension bar contains different dimensions, depending on the workspace, see:

Tree view

Shows all elements of the respective workspace , e. g. the items and accounts of the balance sheet according to the IFRS.

The functions available in the tree view are described under General Functions.

Status bar

Shows the total of the values in marked cells, the number of marked cells, and additional values

Detail view

Displays the properties of an element or the values of items or accounts from ledgers in a chart. What is displayed in the detail view depends on which workspace has been chosen.

No detail view is available in the Dashboards workspace.