Getting Started

LucaNet.Web Client – The Front End of the Future
Easier and Faster Access to Your Reports

Visualize data on the go, present analyses and reports simply at the push of a button, put business decisions on a valid basis. With LucaNet.Web Client, the front end of the next generation, we remain true to our principle of rethinking finance and making the user's daily work easier.

With LucaNet.Web Client , you can access the data of LucaNet.Financial Client from a browser. This is just as easy to do as in LucaNet.Financial Client. LucaNet.Web Client and LucaNet.Financial Client work based on the same data. If data are changed in LucaNet.Financial Client, these changes will also be visible in LucaNet.Web Client and vice versa. LucaNet.Web Client offers you:

Full Flexibility

In contrast to LucaNet.Financial Client, LucaNet.Web Client works without any separate installation and is available anywhere and anytime.

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Simple Visualization

You can display the key indicators and comparative views on a dashboard.

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Quick and Secure Reporting

You can access your reporting data in minimum time – and with maximum data security.

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First-Class User Experience

You can benefit from a modern user interface and new graphical visualization options

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First Steps with LucaNet.Web Client

Our instructions will help you get started with LucaNet.Web Client in next to no time:

Note for On-Premises customers: If you work with LucaNet On-Premises, please follow these installation instructions: