Opening LucaNet.Web Client

Last modified on 2024-03-04


LucaNet.Web Client is opened by entering a URL and displaying it in a browser. There are different ways for you to open LucaNet.Web Client, depending on whether you are using LucaNet.Cloud or LucaNet On-Premises.

Opening the URL for LucaNet.Web Client
From LucaNet.Financial Client

Choose one of the following commands from the menu Extras | LucaNet.Web Client in LucaNet.Financial Client

  • Start LucaNet.Web Client, to directly open LucaNet.Web Client.
  • Copy URL to clipboard, to copy the URL address to the clipboard.
    Paste the copied URL into the address bar of your Internet browser.
Menu 'Extras | LucaNet.Web Client' in LucaNet.Financial Client Menu 'Extras | LucaNet.Web Client' in LucaNet.Financial Client
With the Provided URL

If you are a LucaNet.Cloud customer, you can get the URL from LucaNet.Support or from your LucaNet consultant.

Logging in to LucaNet.Web Client

If external authentication is activated for LucaNet.Financial Client, you can also authenticate externally in LucaNet.Web Client. External authentication with MS Entra ID or SAML 2.0 is possible for LucaNet.Web Client.

  1. Enter the following in the login dialog:
    - User name
    - Password
    - Database
    When logging in with external authentication, only enter the database name.
  2. If necessary, change the language.
  3. Click Log in.
    'Welcome to LucaNet' log in dialog
    'Welcome to LucaNet' - The login dialog
Forgot Access Data

If you have forgotten your user name or password, you can click Forgot access data in the login dialog to have new access data sent to you by e-mail.