Frequently Asked Questions

LucaNet.Web Client is a web-based component that enables financial data from LucaNet to be displayed and analyzed in a web browser on a user computer or tablet (see Getting Started).

With the new pricing model, customers with a purchase contract will no longer be able to use LucaNet.Web Client. LucaNet.Web Client will remain available to customers who use LucaNet as a rental or SaaS solution. For this reason, to continue using LucaNet.Web Client, customers with a purchase contract must change their contract to a rental or SaaS solution. After switching to a rental or SaaS solution, you will be able to use LucaNet.Web Client as of January 2023.

LucaNet.Web Client is not sold as a separate product, but is part of a rental or SaaS solution. This means that no separate costs are incurred for LucaNet.Web Client

  • If you are an on-premises customer and want to install LucaNet.Web Client for the first time, follow the steps in Installing LucaNet.Web Client.
  • As a Cloud customer you must indicate that you want to use LucaNet.Web Client when creating the update ticket for LucaNet 24. 

  • LucaNet.Cloud customers usually receive the URL from LucaNet Support. Alternatively, LucaNet.Cloud customers can generate the URL as described below.
  • LucaNet On-Premises customers have the following possibilities to find the URL for LucaNet.Web Client:
    • Start LucaNet.Financial Client and select one of the following commands in the menu Extras | LucaNet.Web Client:
      • Start LucaNet.Web Client to directly open LucaNet.Web Client
      • Copy URL to clipboard, to copy the URL address to the clipboard
    • Start LucaNet.Software Manager and select LucaNet.Financial Client with the desired database under My applicaions. You can find the URL in the field Downloaded from.
    • If you neither have access to LucaNet.Software Manager nor LucaNet.Financial Client please contact your system administrator or LucaNet.Support.

LucaNet.Web Client cannot currently replace LucaNet.Financial Client. However, LucaNet.Web Client is being continuously developed, so additional functions will become available on an ongoing basis. At the end of development, an alternative to LucaNet.Financial Client with a multitude of new functional possibilities will be available.

LucaNet.Web Client supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

We officially support only the latest versions of each web browser. However, LucaNet.Web Client will most likely also work for older versions.
Other browsers may be supported, but LucaNet only guarantees support for the specified browsers.

No, LucaNet.Web Client does not require a browser add-in.

Your financial data from LucaNet can be displayed on an iPad or Android tablet.

No, what matters is the version of the web browser you are using. LucaNet supports only the latest versions of the individual browsers.

It is not currently possible to access LucaNet.Web Client from a smartphone.

LucaNet.Cloud customers usually receive the URL from LucaNet Support or upon request from their partner manager.

LucaNet.Web Client and LucaNet.Financial Client work based on the same data. So when data are changed in LucaNet.Financial Client, those changes are immediately effective in LucaNet.Web Client. The changes are visible immediately in LucaNet.Web Client without the need to reload the page.

No. By default, all users created in LucaNet.Financial Client have access to LucaNet.Web Client. Access to LucaNet.Web Client can be activated or deactivated for users in LucaNet.Financial Client (see Settings in LucaNet.Financial Client).

LucaNet.Web Client can be used on MS Windows and Linux with no restrictions. On macOS, LucaNet.Web Client can only be used if LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server is running on Linux or MS Windows. The reason for this is that the server component LucaNet.Web Server, which reads the data from LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server to display in the web browser, can only be installed as a service. Under macOS, however, installation as a service is not possible.

LucaNet.Web Server is updated automatically together with LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server.

By default, all access permissions defined for the user in LucaNet.Financial Client also apply for LucaNet.Web Client. In addition, views created in LucaNet.Financial Client can be specifically activated for use in LucaNet.Web Client (see Settings in LucaNet.Financial Client).