Views in Ledgers and Schedules

Last modified on 2023-10-23


LucaNet.Web Client enables you to use templates to simplify and speed up your reporting (e.g. to report on all planning and business development issues that are important to the company). Recurring reports can be configured as views.

Activating views for LucaNet.Web Client

Views from LucaNet.Financial Client can be activated for use inLucaNet.Web Client (see Settings in LucaNet.Financial Client).

Views in Ledgers and Schedules as a Video

The video provides you with the most important information on the topic of views available in ledgers and schedules:

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This article contains the following sections:

Choosing Views

Choosing a view in the tree view of a ledger or schedule displays the associated dimension bar. The configuration of the view defines which dimensions can be configured in the dimension bar. 

  1. If necessary, navigate to the desired ledger or schedule and open the View drop-down list in the dimension bar:
    Dimension bar in LucaNet.Web Client
  2. The drop-down list is displayed as follows:
    'View' drop-down list
  3. Choose the desired view.
    Note: Views in the Public folder are visible and selectable for all users of the database. Views in the Private folder are only visible and selectable for the currently logged-in user.
    The dimension bar and associated account hierarchy are displayed as follows, for example: View with associated account hierarchy
Organizing Views

Views can be renamed, copied, moved, or deleted, and the order of views can be changed. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Click in the dimension bar in the Reporting and analyzing workspace the View drop-down list and click Configure views.
  2. Select the desired view in the tree view and choose .
  3. Choose the desired menu command from the context menu:
    Context menu of a view

    Note: Views that are grayed out cannot be edited because they are not activated for use in LucaNet.Web Client. If necessary, activate additional views in LucaNet.Financial Client for use in LucaNet.Web Client (see Settings in LucaNet.Financial Client).
  4. If necessary, change the order of the views using drag and drop.