Using Journals

Last modified on 2023-11-08


In the Journals workspace, you can choose journals and display the details of the associated postings.

This article contains the following sections:

Displaying Journals

In the overview, navigate to the Journals workspace and click Journals:

The workspace 'Journals is displayed on the left side of the overview. 'Journals' workspace in the overview

The Journals workspace is displayed as follows, for example:

The workspace 'Journals' is displayed with the corresponding tree view (left) and detail view (right). Tree and detail view of a journal

All elements associated with the journal are displayed in the tree view.

The detail view contains detailed information on the journal including all subordinate elements and any additional information.

Configuring Journals

Different journals are displayed, depending on which data level and reporting entity or consolidation area you choose.

To choose the desired journal:

  1. Choose the desired data level in the Data level drop-down list.
  2. Choose the desired reporting entity or consolidation area in the Reporting entity or consolidation area drop-down list.In the 'Journals' workspace, the dimension bar is highlighted.'Data level' and 'Reporting entity or consolidation area' dropdown lists in the 'Journals ' workspace