Displaying and Configuring Dashboards

Last modified on 2023-11-07


In the Dashboards workspace, the dashboard is displayed and edited. The dimension bar can be used to configure the value display in the widgets.

Creating a Dashboard

By default, there is one dashboard in LucaNet.Web Client. In LucaNet.Financial Client, you can create additional dashboards under Administration | Workspaces to then use these dashboards in LucaNet.Web Client.

More information on this can be found in the LucaNet online help under: Complete description | Administration | Administration at database level | Workspaces | Elements | Creating and configuring dashboards.

Displaying Dashboards

Dashboards are displayed in the Overview in the Dashboards workspace:

The 'Dashboards' workspace is displayed in the overview on the left. 'Dashboards' workspace in the overview

A dashboard is displayed as follows, for example:

The 'Dashboard' workspace is displayed with widgets. Dashboard with all widgets
Configuring Dashboards

In the dimension bar, you can configure the dimensions for displaying the values in the dashboard widgets. Changes to dimensions affect all widgets in the dashboard.

The dimension bar of the 'Dashboards' workspace is displayed. Dimension bar of the 'Dashboards' workspace

The Time period and Data level dimensions are available in two variants in the dimension bar for dashboards and can be used to display comparisons (deltas).

  • Time period (base): Period for which values are displayed in the widgets and, if applicable, base period for displaying comparisons (deltas).
  • Time period (delta): To track the performance of a particular account or item in a given period compared to the Time period (base), it is possible to specify a positive or negative offset in months under Time period (delta). When a delta is specified, theOffsetprefix is displayed in widgets that are configured to display a delta (see Editing Dashboards):
    Widget with a comparison of time periods
  • Data level (base): Data level for which values are displayed in the widgets and, if applicable, base data level for displaying comparisons (deltas).
  • Data level (delta): To display a comparison between planned and actual values, or between different planning scenarios, for example, you can use Data level (delta) to choose the level to be compared with the Data level (base). In widgets configured to display a delta (see Editing Dashboards), the delta is displayed as follows:
    Widget with a comparison of data levels

All other dimensions match the dimensions that can be configured by default in dimension bars. 

Go to Workspace

If you click the icon at the top right of the widget, the workspace containing the element selected for the widget will be displayed in a new browser tab. The item or account displayed in the widget is highlighted.

The 'Go to workspace' option is displayed on a widget. The option icon in the top right-hand corner of the widget is highlighted. 'Go to workspace' option on a widget