Creating and Configuring Total Lines

Last modified on 2023-10-20


Total lines are items whose values are based on the total of all items of the same level above the totals item.

This article contains the following sections:

Creating a Total Line

Total lines can be created in ledgers and schedules from the context menu of items and the context menu of the root folder:

To create a total line:

  1. Open the ledger (general ledger, subledger, or statistical ledger) and navigate to the item or root folder under which you want to create the total line.
  2. Right-click the item or root folder and choose Create | Total line from the context menu.

     Creating a total line at an item Creating a total line in the root folder


Configuring Total Lines

The following options are available in the Create Total Line dialog:

Dialog 'Summenzeile anlegen' Dialog 'Summenzeile anlegen'


Element type


Name of the total line

Bold format

Formats the title of the item in bold

Calculate subtotal until previous total line

Calculates only the total up to the previous total line