Formatting Numbers and Data

Last modified on 2023-11-06


Regardless of the selected language, you can configure the date and number format as well as the display of negative numbers in LucaNet.Web Client.

This article contains the following sections:

Opening Formatting

The formatting of values in ledgers and schedules is opened via the context menu of the three dots icon Three-dot icon in the header of the first column of a ledger or schedule:

The context menu is displayed with the framed option 'Formatting'. Context menu command 'Formatting'
Configuring Formatting

In the Formatting dialog, you can configure the formatting for numbers and data:

The 'Formatting' dialog is displayed. In this dialog formattings for numbers and data are defined. 'Formatting' dialog

Date format

Defines how the date is displayed

Number format

Defines how numbers are displayed

Negative numbers

Defines how negative numbers are displayed