Configuring Display Settings

Last modified on 2023-11-07


General display settings, which you only have to configure once, can be defined for ledgers and schedules. The display settings automatically apply to all ledgers and schedules in the Reporting and analyzing workspace.

Display Settings Shown as a Video

The following video gives you an overview of the display settings:

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Opening Display Settings

The display settings for ledgers and schedules is opened via the context menu of the three dots icon Three dots icon in the header of the first column of a ledger or schedule:

The Display settings dialog is then displayed as follows, for example:

Display settings dialog
Configuring Display Settings

The following options are available in the Display settings dialog:

Area Description
Hide empty rows and columns
  • Accounts/items dimension: elements whose rows or columns are to be hidden if they contain zero values
  • Other dimensions: additional dimension elements whose rows or columns are to be hidden if they contain zero values
Filter accounts

Defines the display of accounts:

  • Show all accounts: Accounts without postings are also displayed.
  • Display accounts with posting only
Show additional columns

Defines whether and which additional columns are to be displayed in the periods view:

  • Between the periods: display of differences between the periods
  • Other columns: display of subtotals and/or the total amount
Number format

Defines the display of numbers: 

  • Number display in: formatting of the displayed values
  • Decimal places: number of displayed decimal places