Configuring the Dimension Bar

Last modified on 2023-11-06


The dimension bar can be used to configure the display as required. The settings made and the chosen dimensions determine the display in the tree view.

Dimension Bar in the Reporting and Analyzing Workspace

The dimension bar is displayed in the ledgers and schedules, for example as follows:

Dimension bar in the Workspace 'Analyzing and Reporting' Dimension bar in the Workspace 'Analyzing and Reporting'
Settings and Dimensions

The following settings and dimensions are available in the dimension bar of ledgers and schedules:

Settings and Dimensions


Change display

Changes the display mode in ledgers and schedules (see Changing the display).


Switches between the display of balances and transaction figures.

The button has no effect on accounts and items that contain only transaction figures.


The choice of view defines which dimensions can be configured in the dimension bar. Additional views can be added or existing views edited at any time (see Creating and configuring views). 

Time period

Setting of the period for which values are to be displayed in the columns of the tree view. The period that can be chosen depends on the time periods defined for the set data level. In account hierarchies (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, derived hierarchies, schedules, etc.), you can switch between the monthly, quarterly and yearly view. 

Adjustment level, data level, organization element, transaction currency, display currency, partner

Additional dimensions for the configuration of the desired display