Elements in Ledgers and Schedules

Last modified on 2023-11-07


The structure of ledgers and schedules is displayed in the tree view. All structures are composed of the same elements.


Ledgers and schedules are composed of the following elements:

ItemIn LucaNet, itemsare used for a better overview and better structuring of ledgers and schedules. The value at the item level is always the total of all sub-items or accounts (see section Creating and Configuring Items).
AccountAll postings in LucaNet are made to accounts. Accounts are changed only by postings and therefore behave in the same way as in conventional financial accounting systems (see section Creating and Configuring Accounts).
ReferenceReferences are links to items or accounts in general ledgers, subledgers, or statistical ledgers. References can be used to create derived structures (e. g. a derived IFRS balance sheet) in LucaNet (see section Creating and Configuring References). 
FormulaA formula is a calculated item. The formula used to calculate the value can be specified by the user. Each variable of the formula must refer to an item or account in the LucaNet database (see section Creating and Configuring Formulas).
Total lineTotal lines or subtotal lines are items whose values are based on the total of all items of the same level above the totals item (see section Creating and Configuring Total Lines).