Changing the Display

Last modified on 2023-11-06


On the toolbar of a ledger or schedule, special display modes are available in the dimension bar, which you can use to adjust the display as required.

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Changing the Display

The desired display mode can be chosen from the Change display drop-down list:

Menu 'Display mode' Menu 'Display mode'
Display Modes

The following display modes are available for ledgers and schedules:

Option Description
Period view The tree view is displayed as a period view. All periods of the chosen time period are displayed in the columns of the view.
Organization element Only the organization element currently chosen in the dimension bar is displayed. The values of the last chosen period under consideration are displayed in a column.
Abbreviated consolidation overview Activates the abbreviated consolidation overview; only the columns for the subtotals and the group total of the chosen element from the Organization elements workspace are displayed.
Complete consolidation overview Activates the complete consolidation overview; all elements from the Organization elements workspace are displayed that are directly subordinate to the organization element chosen in the dimension bar.
Adjustment levels in columns All adjustment levels of the value range are displayed.
Partner in columns All of the created partners of the value range are displayed.